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e-Learning: Understand a number of key e-Learning concepts (i.e., participatory culture, learning community, sociotechnical systems, ubiquitous learning, and the digital divide) and the history of e-Learning, including how it impacts current practice and research. (Spring 2014)
E-Learning Overall Notes
Final Group Paper
What Makes a Great MOOC

Doing Business in Asia: Students will gain a first-hand, practical understanding and view of modern China and ways to more effectively and successfully conduct business there. Group discussions, cultural excursions, field trips, and social activities are thoughtfully orchestrated in order to make this a truly memorable, valuable learning and networking experience (Spring 2015)
Doing Business in Asia Syllabus
Notes from China

Archaeological Field Research Methods: Students will participate in a hands on archaeology course, attempting to reconstruct the history of the people that either inhabited an area or shaped it’s history by collecting data in the form of artifacts, architecture, and observations. This course meets intensively for one month in Akko, Israel. (Summer 2016)
Archaeology in Israel
Notes from Israel


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SIOP Conference Spring 2016
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George Mason IHS Conference
CGU Evaluation Conference

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How to Give a Killer Presentation HBR
How to Open and Close a TED Talk
Presentations That Stick
Six Guidelines for Interesting Research