Positive Courses

Positive Psychology: This course provides a general introduction to the history and intellectual sources of the new field of positive psychology. Topics include the phenomenology of positive experience, virtues and strengths, and institutional supports for individual and collective flourishing. Resources compiled by: Courtney Ackerman, Blake Beckmann, Jem Lugo, Greg Hennessy, and Meghan Smith. (Fall 2013)
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Positive Interpersonal Dynamics: This course covers foundational knowledge of positive interpersonal dynamics and provides an opportunity for students to develop research and applications to improve workplace relationships. In particular, we focus on core workplace interactions, such as leadership, mentoring, coaching, and the exchange of on-the-job feedback, as well as frameworks and tools for professional development and for helping organizations with relational approaches to learning and performance. (Fall 2015)
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Positive Careers and Coaching: This course is about organizational careers, coaching, and evidence-based strategies to effectively adapt to changing work environments. The course will progress through three central issues in organizational careers: (a) identity and identity development, (b) change and adaptation in changing career environments, and (c) developmental relationships and coaching. (Spring 2016)
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