Sample APA Paper

One of the assignments for Research Methods class is to compose a paper in APA format. The the content can be nonsensical, as the point is just to use proper formatting. For my paper I constructed a sample paper to use as a template for future papers. I borrowed the idea and much of the content from Jeffrey Kahn, Illinois State University.

Two options to access my sample APA paper:
Sample APA Paper


Writing a Killer Article: guidelines to composing the introduction

  • (1st paragraph) Best articles start with a quote or a story (trends: academic or real world). Setup your DV or the trend/issue.
  • (2nd/3rd paragraph) Problematize the field: set up why this research is even needed. Convince the reader that (1) the topic needs to be developed further (incompleteness); (2) a key perspective was ignored (inadequacy); (3) what has been done is inaccurate (incommensurability). Setup IV and mention moderators/mediators.
  • (4th paragraph) Establish the field by (1) bridging two different conversations; (2) move a conversation forward; (3) present competing perspectives that need to be resolved.
  • (5th paragraph) End intro by explaining the future pages. Outline what the research will do (population, methods, findings). Your article must have implications. Figure out what your gems are and highlight them.

Theoretical Framework
End with Contribution

Who are they talking to, what are they going to add, and where are they going to take me?

– failing to motivate and problematize
– lack of focus
– over-promising