Stats Courses

Research Methods: This course presents a broad general introduction to contemporary research methods in Psychology. Resources compiled by: Courtney Ackerman, Greg Hennessy, Jem Lugo, Sarah Mason, Meghan Smith, and Tasha Straszewski. (Fall 2013)
R.M. Notes on Textbook
R.M. Notes on Articles
Sample APA Paper

Analysis of Variance: This course introduces the logic, application, and interpretation of selected analysis of variance models. SPSS programs are used extensively. (Fall 2013)
Pre-ANOVA (Kathy’s Class)
ANOVA Midterm Review
ANOVA Midterm supplement
ANOVA Repeated Measures
ANOVA Final Thoughts PowerPoint
Power Analysis with GPower

Regression: This course introduces the logic and application of correlation and multiple regression models, specifically: diagnostics, applications, interpretations, presentations. (Spring 2014)
Regression Notes
Regression Intro PowerPoint
Regression Packets
Regression Midterm Review
Regression Final Review

Categorical Analysis: This course covers the logic, application, and interpretation of selected models for categorical data analysis, including nonparametric tests of central tendency and relationships, logistic regression, and resampling. There are also advanced regression applications including mediation and moderation with categorical data and SPSS macros, and missing data analysis. (Spring 2014)
Categorical Analysis Packets
Categorical Analysis Midterm PowerPoint
Categorical Analysis Final PowerPoint

Survey Research Methods: This class covers the major stages of the survey process, underlying theory of numbers and scales, hypothesis and problem formation, development of survey questions and instruments, survey implementation, data analysis, and presentation of results. (Fall 2014)
Survey Readings
Survey Class Notes
Survey Final Paper